07 February 2017

This is going to be a very short post because it’s about something that made me think…

Why the hell didn’t I know about this sooner!?

SSH is great especially when using it with Key authentication, nice and secure without any hassle. That is until there’s a drop in internet connection, you change between Wi-Fi access points or you just want to close your laptop and pick up where you left off. In all of these cases SSH will stop working and just not tell you!

Here’s where Mosh comes in, it appears to run on everything under the sun (or at least anything SSH runs on) and it’s use is nearly identical to that of SSH with the command being: mosh me@server.com in place of ssh me@server.com.

It’s secure as it utilises a lot of existing SSH security including Key-authentication and it solves the issues of losing an SSH connection.

Setting it up

Just follow one of the many installation instructions on the home page and remember to allow a port between 60001 and 60999 and that’s it.